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The EU has launched a historic financial plan for the recovery of the European economy after the COVID-19 pandemic. But there is a risk that reality will not meet expectation and questions remain:

Where does culture fit in practice within this massive financial plan?

What has been done for the recovery of the cultural sector?

What are the next steps to Rebuilding Europe with Culture?


Now it is time to mobilise civil society, as well as cultural sector and decision-makers at European, national, and local level to make sure that the cultural sector will benefit as much as it should from the historic post-Covid recovery plan and the place it deserves.

The campaign will feature videos, testimonies and statements from European and local decision makers as well as creators and representatives of the cultural and creative sector from across Europe. 

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How can Culture help Rebuild Europe?


The cultural and creative sector was one of the hardest hit by the COVID-19 pandemic, and yet it has shown remarkable resilience in responding to the crisis, as underlined in the Rebuilding Europe EY study released in early 2021.

Culture and CCIs have been identified by the European Commission as one of the 14 key

ecosystems for Europe and the EY study showed that CCIs are a key driver for the economy, representing 4.4% of EU GDP in terms of total turnover in 2019, and employing 7.6 million people, 8.4 x more jobs than in the telecommunications industry.


But CCIs were one of the sectors most hit by the pandemic, with a loss of on average 31% of

revenues, reaching up to 90% in the live sector; a sharp fall that will weaken the entire CCI value chain for the foreseeable future.

The study also confirms the key importance of the sector in the European overall economy and its vast, untapped potential to lead a strong and sustainable European recovery and it has now been referred to in several policy papers and resolutions from the EU institutions.


What is the objective of the campaign?


The three objectives of the campaign are:

i. To follow up on CCI’s efforts to include culture in national recovery plans and to properly address the CCI’s needs in EU programmes

ii. To track progress on the cultural sector’s recovery and hold leaders to account, while also showcasing best practices and important initiatives and

iii. To bring European, national and regional decision-makers, as well as key players from CCI together for a stronger call for cultural recovery


Who is involved in the campaign?


“Rebuilding Europe with Culture” campaign is an initiative from GESAC, that received the support of many organisations from the sector, as well as the European Commission and several MEPs.


The campaign is supported by several personalities from the cultural and creative sector, as well as from the European and national decision-makers, who have contributed with their video messages and written statements. 


Campaign participants and its supporters would play the role of a watchdog over an effective recovery policy, showcase best practices, and follow-up on missing implementation.


The #RebuildingEurope campaign is supported by and also supports the #CulturalDealEurope campaign.

Online event on 8 December 2021


On 8th December 2021 GESAC organises a landmark event for the campaign with the participation of Jean-Michel Jarre  and with the support of MEP Christian Ehler, the Federation of European Publishers and European Movement International.


To find out more about the event, participants and registration visit the event website.


While the event would be the first peak point of the campaign, is is certainly not the end of it. The campaign will continue afterward the event too and particularly during the French Presidency as of 2022.


Support “Rebuilding Europe with Culture”


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Use #RebuildingEurope to retweet the posts and to give your own views


Tweet one of the below campaign messages from your own account:


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More background on the topic:


European Parliament has adopted several own-initiative reports to underline these facts and asking an ambitious policy for cultural recovery and the effective use of financial resources for the benefit of the sector:


European Parliament resolution on the cultural recovery of Europe


European Parliament resolution on the situation of artists and the cultural recovery in the EU


European Parliament resolution on Europe’s Media in the Digital Decade: an Action Plan to Support Recovery and Transformation

European Commission published among others:

Communication on EU guidelines for the safe resumption of activities in the cultural and creative sectors - COVID-19



Rebuilding Europe with Culture is a campaign to mobilise the cultural sector and European decision-makers to follow-up on the above-mentioned policies to make sure that promises are translated into action.